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Original FingerWeights

Original FingerWeights

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Original FingerWeight: One Piece, Three-Arm Clasp Design

The one-piece model with three-arm clasp, designed to fit virtually any size finger.  Each unit is adjustable in 10-gram increments up to 30 grams per finger. It stays comfortably secure and is intended for less rigorous motion and movements. 

Each Unit Includes:

  • 1x Original FingerWeights (2 colors to choose from)
  • 3x 10-gram resistance rods
  • 1x Carrying Pouch
  • QR Code Insert to Exercises/Instructions

Recommended for injury prevention and treatment, as well as for musicians and gamers, at all levels, as well as anyone else looking to increase their range of motion, flexibility, endurance, speed, dexterity, and overall strength in their fingers, hands, and/or upper extremities. 

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