Our Mission:

Globally improving hand, health & performance...one finger at a time.

The Vision: 

Whether trying to prevent or rehabilitate a finger / hand injury, or looking to improve overall finger / hand performance, FingerWeights are a cross functional training device. Through the incorporation of adjustable resistance settings unique to each finger, FingerWeights target the fine motor muscles in the fingers / hands, allowing each finger to operate independently while using them. That further separates FingerWeights from other products is that they are the only device that can be both worn while practicing the chosen activity, or as a "stand alone" training tool.

The primary objective is to help maximize finger - endurance, flexibility (range of motion), dexterity, finesse, overall strength and precision. With applications in music, athletics, gaming, and health/wellness, FingerWeights belong on the fingers of amateurs, professionals, and everyone in-between.